Having a baby is a true miracle, a blessing, unique and special every time.  Midwife Marina proides care, education and support for moms babies dads and families before during and after the Birth.

For Water LOVERS:
Water labor and Water birth.  As a pioneers of water birth in this country Marina has been facilitating water for labor and birth for almost three decades. Her work with water lead her to developed a prenatal water exercise program, AquaNatal.

AquaNatal is fitness progam in the comfort of water.  You can set up private AquaNatal sessions for yourself or for the two of you.  Water for couples! Enjoy a magical time in water that latter helps couples during childbirth.

A belly dance class that teaches birthing positions. Contact Marina at 973-7311 for a private class or to attend her weekly classes. This is perfect for moms after 36 weeks of pregnancy who want to move during labor and her birth team too.

Marina Alzugaray MSN NP CNM

Midwife Marina provides individualized childbirth services, women's  health and healing therapies  for families in Santa Barbara,  Santa Ynes Valley, Ventura, Ojai and Topanga. for your overall well being

Holistic Midwifery Care

Before, During and After CHILDBIRTH

Before Pregnancy : Prepares couples for a healthy and happy pregnancy.  Conscious conception, Lunaception and Fertility counseling.

During Pregnancy:  Prenatal Care and In deapth pregnancy body work including information and education for natural childbirth for home or hospital births.  Reduce or eliminate any discomfort and underestand what to do to feel well. 

For your Birth: Midwifery Care for homebirths or in hospitals Doula love provides you with the comfort and safety that helps you to labor and birth in your own particular style. Waterbirth, Massage, Breathing, Relaxation and Couple Support.

After the Birth: New Mom and Baby visits specific to your newborn and your total restorative recovery and well-being, ease of lactation including early infant care. Water baby, Sleep, and baby massage; post partum house calls.

Reproductive Wellness:
Teen education, Cycle health
Fertility, Hormones and sexuality.

Nurturing Women's Nature

Natural Childbirth, Home Birth, Water Birth, VBAC, Baby Nurse, Doula and Midwife care.

Call Midwife Marina at 805 973-7311
To set up an appoitment or for a Skype consultation.  Please contact me at your earlest convinience to book an appoitment.


Marina Alzugaray is a certified midwife, a holistic nurse, a doula, an artist and teacher specializing in the promotion of wellness. She has a Masters from UCSF and a BA in Holistic Health from Antioch University in SB.  She is an international midwife educator and workshop facilitator who has published numerous articles on natural childbirth.

The birth of my grandson Tavai,
in the fall of 2009 to Sharin and Adele, brought me back to Santa Barbara.

To all my friends, extended family and community, thank you for welcoming me home.
I am loving being a grandmother.


Contact: Midwife Marina Alzugaray CNM
(805) 973-7311